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When it comes to internet marketing, Intercede Media House can be your preferred option for SEO, SMO, PPC and content marketing. As a top-notch digital marketing agency in India & UAE, we have been consistently helping our clients successfully achieve digital results.

Moreover, with our expertly delivered SEO and PPC services, we help businesses drive sustainable growth and revenue.

Being versed with advanced digital marketing technologies, we create tailor-made and result oriented marketing strategies. Our content marketing experts have years of experience and understand the specific needs of clients to deliver the solutions.

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Men Behind the Mission - IMH

IMH is a young, energetic and dynamic digital marketing company, founded by Vinay Vikram Singh and Amit Nandan. The duo are exceptionally talented, seasoned and passionate digital marketing experts with more than 2 decades of combined experience in print and digital advertising.

Both Vinay and Amit specialize in helping businesses develop a perfect digital marketing strategy to grow their business exponentially. With their cutting edge insights and outstanding industry depth, the experienced digital strategists can take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

Intercede Media House is not just known for its flamboyance, both Vinay and Amit have worked earnestly in the shadows to build the company from the scratch.Since the very beginning, they have coordinated with clients to make sure that they felt reassured about working with IMH.

With their business acumen and sheer determination, they have helped IMH grow leaps and bounds in the few years of its existence.

Let’s dive a little deeper to learn about the backgrounds of the two men without whom the birth of IMH wouldn’t have seen the light of the day.

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IMH is more than a digital marketing specialist or a Digital Marketing Agency : we offer growth  marketing services. We use IMH to ensure the growth of your business. We find scalable strategies driven by your product and your users. Then, we use our expertise and creativity to make the growth magic happen.

IMH gets data and feedback from your users by A/B testing every process. Experimentation by A/B Testing is extremely important in growth hacking and allows IMH to try many acquisition channels, track the data, prioritize, analyze the results, optimize and scale.

Together, we define your budget, your business growth goals, a timeline and the channels that we will work on in order to reach those goals. We A/B test many channels to get feedbacks and we analyse data from your users. We focus our efforts on your users and the data collected and we growth hack your business growth. We help you achieve your growth goals.

We offer digital marketing ; which go beyond simple digital marketing services. To grow your business, you should work with IMH.

Growth should be part of every entrepreneur’s strategy. Contact us and let’s grow your business together. Your entrepreneur lifestyle will be even more exciting by working with IMH!

IMH is a professional implementing Digital Marketing  tactics. Unlike digital marketers who look through numbers and audit websites, a IMH is a marketer, a creative data scientist and an engineer all at once. In other words, a mad man focusing on growth.

Growth is not only about acquisition or retention, this is also about accompanying and growing your product. This is why IMH Digital Marketing goes further than digital marketing because a IMH is also involved in product development. We will not only create a compelling content marketing strategy, make your website SEO-optimized, we will also make your product more user-centric thanks to the feedback and data we will gather in order to bring you explosive growth.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a marketer, a consultant or a business owner who wants to grow the business you work for.

If you want to build your brand, drive qualified traffic to your website or app, generate leads, optimize your conversions and increase your sales through digital marketing and growth hacking.

For successful entrepreneurs and business owners, Product Development and Growth are equally important. There are many successful digital marketing examples, which will prove you this: you can’t only focus on your product, growth should be part of your strategy. If you believe you have entrepreneurial DNA in you, you should know that pursuit of growth is key to success. This mindset should be anchored in your ‘entrepreneur anatomy’.

IMH takes care of your business growth as well as accompanying you with product development. Those growth efforts will give you market and users’ knowledge, which will allow IMH to show your startup how to improve its product.

You need more than a digital marketing specialist, you need IMH.

Years of Journey

Journey Started April 2018

Business Growth 25%

Business Boost 45%

Started UAE Operations



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Our Core Values

Commitment,  Creativity,  Honesty,  Integrity,   Innovation,  Passion     ​


Our Vision

To be the top International Digital Marketing Agency in delivering tangible results.

Our Mission

Provide result-oriented, innovative digital marketing solutions designed to achieve our customers goals.

What We Do

Through our SEO, SMO and PPC services, we add value to your business by helping you create a distinct identity in the market. Each service that we dispense cater to the clients belonging to different industries irrespective of the nature of business.

Offering optimization solutions to our clients for search engine and social media is out forte. Moreover, as a professionally managed company, we make sure to deliver best value satisfaction to our clients with every service that we provide.

Being one of the most trusted SEO and SMO company in India, we assist our clients build a perfect site structure and ad campaign to enhance site visibility. Our primary objective always remains to formulate a perfect strategy for attracting quality traffic to the website.

Various forms of SEO and Social Medial Optimization services include updating social media sites on regular basis, applying social media marketing tools to establish contact with customers, creation of mobile responsive designs and link building techniques.

The distinctive forms of SEO and SMO service encompass regular updates on social media accounts, utilization of social media marketing techniques to establish engagement with customers, link building, profile listing, classified ad posting and content creation.

With dedicated efforts accompanied by an urge to serve clients with best results, we are now recognized as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India & UAE.

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